Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work it Wednesday: Workplace Blues

Work it Wednesday is a new series I am starting to document work outfits I wear! Get it? I would love for you to join in if you try to stay stylish in an office environment. Let me know and I can link to you. For other Work it Wednesday posts, please click here!


Work outfits can easily be boring to me. Wearing the same silhouette is both relieving and limiting. I like being able to simply choose pieces and not worry if an outfit looks good on me, but sometimes I get frustrated with having fewer choices. It doesn't help that I dislike a lot of traditional work clothing, like nice slacks.

To counteract this feeling of being stuck with my clothes, I try to get brightly colored cardigans so I'm not just wearing neutral colors all the time. Colorful shoes are also fun! Sometimes, even a small changes makes an outfit feel brand new. Of course, flowers are present in my wardrobe for both work and play, and different jewelry also helps alleviate work wardrobe boredom. Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping a work outfit a little more interesting?


Have I mentioned my tragus piercing on here? I got it done in January, mostly to prove to myself that I am brave and can do things that terrify me. It's my favorite little addition to my ear I just think it's so cute! I also have my lobes double pierced, and I just recently got my third lobe done on my other ear. My ears aren't usually showing because of my hair, but I love them all the same.

Outfit Rundown
Necklace: Gift | Bracelet: American Eagle | Cardigan: Target | Cami: Target | Skirt: The Limited | Shoes: Steve Madden via Plato's Closet
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