Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Daily Outfit: Mullet Skirt

Mullet Skirt

Whew, it was windy when I took these photos! It really made the skirt stand out, though.

I'm back home in my sorority (expect a post soon!) and with that comes weekly chapter meetings! Just a little opportunity to dress up and catch up on what's happening. I'm so excited to see my sisters again.

As for this outfit, I love asymmetrical/mullet/high-low skirts (whatever you want to call them!) and I've even made my own in the past. I love the color and texture on this skirt and can see myself wearing it through winter in a million different ways. Don't be surprised if you start seeing this piece a lot!

This whole outfit is almost completely from Target. I think I might have an obsession.

Mullet Skirt

Outfit Details
Necklace: Swapped | Shirt, Skirt, Heels: Target
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