Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work it Wednesday: Blazin'

Work it Wednesday is a new series I am starting to document work outfits I wear! Get it? I would love for you to join in if you try to stay stylish in an office environment. Let me know and I can link to you. For other Work it Wednesday posts, please click here! 


I  have a confession: I've never liked the structure of jackets. They always seemed so stiff and formal -- give me a cardigan any day! And I could never find one that seemed to fit right -- too boxy, too big or too small in random places, unflattering. Plus, how do you even wear a blazer?

Despite my hesitance about jackets as a whole, I ordered this blazer online to give it a shot. I thought it was coral, my favorite color of the moment, but it turned out to be red. I love it anyway and have been wearing it since I got it.


In other news, I've been watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix lately -- have any of you guys seen it? It's reimagined fairy tales in the modern day with some crazy twists, and I can't stop watching! I'm not usually big on currently airing TV shows, but I know I'll be keeping up with Once Upon a Time this season. What about you guys? What are you watching lately?

Outfit Details
Blazer, Skirt, Jewelry: The Limited | Shirt, Shoes: Urban Outfitters
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