Thursday, January 3, 2013

Announcing: Hardstyle Princess Volume 2: More Hard, More Style

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember Hardstyle Princess, a lolita zine created by the ATX lolitas and friends. Good news -- volume two is hot off the presses! (Psst, if you missed volume one, it's still for sale here!)

Yeehaw! Hardstyle Princess 2: More Hard, More Style
Yeehaw! Hardstyle Princess 2: More Hard, More Style
What's a zine? A (maga)zine is a handmade labor of love. They can be about anything under the sun, and usually involve a lot of cutting, pasting, photocopying, and punk rock spirit.

This new issue has lots of fun features, including "Nightlife in Lolita," which discusses fun things to do to for those who are both frilly and 21+, "Loliday Cheer" covering the ATX International Lolita Day meetup, and activities like a cute paper doll and a lolita word search. 

Volume one had a bonus sticker sheet, and volume two has a little postcard with chibi-fied versions of me and another local lolita, Panda, on it! (I didn't know this was in the works so I was surprised and flattered. I love my Texan lolitas.)

If you are interested in a copy, check out Pirate Kitty Crafts on Etsy. Each issue is only $1.50 plus shipping!
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