Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daily Outfit: Dressed in the Dark

I have a confession: I have extremely low lighting in my bedroom.

Plaid shirt and a white dress with bright tights
This is my balcony, it's cold outside!

My apartment this year does not have an overhead light in the bedroom. This is not usually an issue because I know what my clothes look like... but when I planned this outfit, I thought these (new) tights matched the top! It wasn't until I took these photos that I noticed they are completely different colors.

Whoops. Well, now you all know my secret. I get dressed in the dark.

Honestly, I can't tell how I feel about this outfit. I think the dress I chose was too bulky and the tights a little too bright. I liked it in theory, but I don't see myself wearing it again.

I have a bunch of new bright tights for the winter, but I'm honestly not sure how to wear them. In the next few weeks, you may see some experimental outfits!

This outfit remixed this yellow plaid shirt and this white dress (from my first-ever post!). 

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Target | Dress: Anthropologie | Tights: Gift | Shoes: ModCloth

How would you wear bright tights?

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