Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I Did: Aerial Silks Classes

Recently, I have started taking beginner aerial silks classes! My intention for the year is "balance," which applies to both work-life balance and literally physical balance. Aerial silks definitely meets that goal!

Aerial Silks
I must dance! Wings Engaged!

Aerial arts have always interested me, and I've wanted to try a class for a while. Aerialists are so graceful and seem so effortless -- but at the same time, I know they require tremendous strength!

I was nervous but excited when I arrived for my first class. I was worried that I wouldn't be strong enough, or that everyone else would be spinning circles around me. Instead, I floated and flew and even though I'm still learning, I had a spectacular time!

Aerial Silks
Teardrop pose.

I also take hot yoga classes a few times a week, so I thought I might not be too sore -- I was wrong. I was sore for 4 days after my first class, mainly in my upper body, shoulders, and abs. I wasn't nearly as sore the second time, though, so I hope I continue to get stronger.

Aerial Silks
A failed attempt at Mermaid pose.

I'm signed up for a membership now, so I will keep you all updated on my aerial adventures from time to time. I really, really love it, so if you have ever wanted to try it out, you totally should! I'm hoping to try out aerial yoga, aerial hoop (lyra), and a couple of the other offerings soon.


  1. Where did you take this class? I live Dallas and looking to try it.

    1. I went to Vertical Fitness Dallas, but there are several schools in the DFW area, including Lone Star Circus School as well. :)


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