Monday, January 28, 2013

Social Media: Gym-Pact App

I have followed Gym-Pact's story since the beginning -- it started as the brainchild of two Harvard students, who created the concept for a project. After graduation, they launched it! It was originally just for iPhone, so I waited patiently, and on New Year's Day, the Android version came out.

Gympact Screencaps
Screencaps courtesy of my new Galaxy S III!

Essentially, Gym-Pact rewards you for going to the gym. You check in to your gym/yoga studio/silks class or go running outside, and then if you hit your goal number of visits by the end of the week, you get paid! It's a gamble, though -- if you miss a workout for the week, you get fined (which pays the winners).

Gym-Pact has some incredible success rates -- people who use Gym-Pact meet their workout goals 90% of the time. Pretty incredible, right?

Gympact Screencaps
You choose how many days to go each week and what your stakes are for missing a workout.

I've been using it the past few weeks for silks and yoga, and so far, so good! I haven't had any major issues with it. I can't say for sure if it's motivating me to work out more, but I will say that it's fun to earn a little extra cash for going anyway.

If you work out consistently or need an extra push to start, definitely check it out! And, if you use my sign up code, dumbbMiaMo, we each earn a $5 bonus after your first workout!

Do you have any favorite apps?

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