Thursday, April 11, 2013

Style Icon: Ramona Flowers

I've been wanting to start a series where I construct outfits based on characters that are sartorially inspiring. This is the first post in my Style Icon series!

If you couldn't tell by now, I adore Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series. Aside from being a wonderful character, she also has mad style. So, if you've ever wanted to possess Ramona Flowers' style, look no further! I'll talk about some elements of Ramona's style and then show some example outfits I put together.

Ramona Flowers' Signature Style

Ramona Flowers Collages

Bright hair and bold colors

Ramona Flowers is known for her rapidly changing hair colors and hair cuts -- anything from hot pink to bright blue to teal. If you want to try out being Ramona for a day, try a wig (either from Ebay or my personal favorite, Arda Wigs). If you are looking for a bolder everyday look, Manic Panic hair color is the way to go!

Ramona also coordinates her current hair color with her outfit, so be sure to match your hair to your clothes!

Interesting jackets, boots, and layers

Living in Canada, jackets, boots, and layering are utilitarian, but Ramona has exceptionally cute items! From military to leather, Ramona is always rocking an adorable coat, and she has an enviable boot collection. Combined with her innate sense of layering, Ramona's outfits are always complex and interesting to look at.

Ramona Flowers Collages

Unique tights and socks

From roller derby-esque socks to brightly colored tights, Ramona is not afraid to make a statement with legwear. If you are feeling timid, start with black leggings or tights under a skirt, but if you are feeling more daring, try knee socks, patterned leggings, or neon tights.

Signature accessories

Ramona is always seen with a small black choker necklace (revealed by actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead to be her deceased brother's shoelaces). Ramona also loves stars, and the motif appears on her subspace purse as well as in hair accessories and on a ring she wears occasionally. Choose your own signature motif and incorporate it into your outfits.

Ramona-Inspired Outfits Delivery Girl Delivery Girl 
Jacket | Shorts | Similar Tights |  Button

This first outfit is based on something Ramona would wear to deliver packages for Start with this tongue-in-cheek hipster shirt (a throwback to a shirt Ramona wears in the comics) and add some color with bright shorts and tights. Throw on a varsity letterman jacket and a comfortable hat with a Sex Bob-Omb pin and you're all set to skate through the subspace highway.

Ramona's Finest Hour

This look is an updated version of Ramona's ensemble in the final volume of Scott Pilgrim (and the one I made a costume of!). First, I was inspired by these galaxy print leggings. Build the look with a fuschia skater dress, then balance out the girliness of the outfit with leather combat boots and a biker jacket. For accessories, I chose Ramona's signature subspace purse and a black necklace, representing her choker. I thought today's Ramona Flowers might try out ombre hair in fun colors like pink and purple! 

Seven Evil Exes

This outfit is a reimagining of the olive green shirt dress that Mary Elizabeth Winstead wears in the movie version. To keep the same utilitarian feel, I chose a bold military-style jacket as the focal piece for the look. To keep it comfy and casual, layer a soft grey hoodie and a denim skirt with plain black leggings and worn-in black boots. Complete the look with your subspace purse. Although Ramona never has pure white hair in the comics or movie, I think it would be a fun change and it fits nicely with this outfit. This is the perfect outfit for going out and running into an ex (or two!).

What is your favorite aspect of Ramona's style?

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