Friday, September 6, 2013

Anime Fest 2013

Anime Fest day 1 outfit ☆ I love this cat ear headband. Novelty accessories forever! #me Fake eyelashes today. Let's do this. #afest #ramonaflowers 
I'm the photographer for Marceline and the Scream Queens. You've probably never heard of them. #fionna #hipster #afest
Cat ears, fake eyelashes, hipster Fionna costume

I feel like I've mentioned this a lot, but Anime Fest is one of my favorite cons because it falls on Labor Day weekend, which means it's a 4-day con AND it usually lands on my birthday!

My birthday is also special because one of my very best friends has the same birthday! We were born in different years, but sharing your birthday with someone really makes it a lot more special. This year, we celebrated my 21st birthday. I'm not really a drinker so spending the day in cosplay with my close friends is more my scene. Plus, some of my friends got us presents, nice people that they are!

The first day, I wore this same outfit but with the addition of a pearl cat ear headband. I love this headband so much, even if it feels a little costumey. Cat-themed accessories are my favorite since I'm only a few steps away from being a crazy cat lady. 

For my birthday, my friend Sean anything I wanted from the con, and I picked this super cute locket!! #sailormoon #afest Today's my birthday! ♡ Anime Fest 2013 - photo by Overbeck Corgi love ♡Birthdaying it up all weekend with @capcitybakery cupcakes that Colby got me!  ♡ #atx #vegan #capitalcitybakery
Sailor Moon locket (gift!), 21st birthday pin, Ramona Flowers, CORGI!, vegan cupcakes from Capitol City Bakery

On Saturday, I dressed as Ramona Flowers (video game version) and walked around with the big hammer I made for Comic Con. I'm a little sad that the hammer got damaged since last con. I am planning on re-making it anyway, but I was hoping this hammer would last a little longer. I was also able to successfully put on fake eyelashes for Ramona this year! I try pretty much every time I wear cosplay or lolita but rarely have success. I love the extravagance they give a costume, it makes everything more cartoon-y and adds to the suspended disbelief of costuming.

A-Fest 2013 - Hipster Adventure Time Girls I LOVE @omega_kitten's awesome costume!!  ☆★☆ #afest TOTORO! #AFest
Hipster Adventure Time, posing with my friend Camille, Totoro plushie

On Sunday (our birthday!), I wore a new costume -- Fionna from Adventure Time, Hipster-style! I had Liz as Hipster LSP and Peony as Science Princess Bubblegum, which made it even more fun. I have a full post on the costume coming up, so look forward to that and more photos!

The con felt really quiet this year since a lot of people were at Dragon Con or PAX, but I still enjoyed it. 4-day cons always feel so much roomier and lower stress!

With that, con season comes to a close. I don't have another convention scheduled until Ikkicon in December, which means plenty of time to focus on other things and work on more labor-intensive costumes.

What did you do for Labor Day weekend?

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