Friday, October 11, 2013

Top 10 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies

If you're like me, you love Halloween -- the season, the costumes, the treats! -- but not horror as a genre. Maybe creepy intrigues you, but jump-out-and-scare-you movies aren't your speed. If you're a terrified trick-or-treater, you aren't alone! But don't be too scared to watch some seasonal movies -- just make sure you know which are safe! Here are my recommendations for a not-so-scary Halloween viewing party.

(P.S. - Those marked with an asterisk are currently available on Netflix!)

Not So Scary Halloween Watch List

If you love... Disney-style storytelling!

  • Hocus Pocus: The Halloween classic! Can you believe this movie didn't get good reviews? It's a classic, which many consider the best part of Halloween, and probably one I watch every year. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a must-watch!
  • Halloweentown: This is a Disney channel original movie that spawned several sequels. I don't love it as much as Hocus Pocus, but it's a great watch.
  • * Nightmare Before Christmas: Really, most Tim Burton movies could fit this list, but this one is specifically Halloweeny, so I included it. I like to watch this one for Christmas, too.
  • * ParaNorman: This movie is downright cute! It got rave reviews when it came out last year and I anticipate it will soon be a Halloween classic. Fun fact: they used 3-D printers to stop-motion animate the film!

Not So Scary Halloween Watch List

If you love... zombie comedies!

  • Shaun of the Dead: If you liked Scott Pilgrim or any of the other Blood and Ice Cream movies, you'll love this. Zombie comedy at its finest.
  • Zombieland: One of my all-time favorite zombie movies. Hilarious script, great cast, and never frightening. Plus, a cameo from Bill Murray. THE BEST.
  • * Ghostbusters: Speaking of Bill Murray, Ghostbusters is a year-round favorite, but is especially relevant during the Halloween season.

Not So Scary Halloween Watch List

If you love... cult classics!

  • * The Devil's Carnival: If you loved Repo! The Genetic Opera (see below), this is from the same creative team. It's not a full-length movie, but I still love it. It's about a group of sinners going to Hell, which is a retro carnival. A treat for the eyes and ears -- yep, it's a musical. (And, of course, I have made Tamara's dress before!)
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera: I love Repo! but I am definitely biased. It's in the horror-musical genre as well and takes place in a not-so-distant future where organs can be financed and gruesomely repossessed. It's a little bloody, but the music mellows it out. 
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show: The only way to see Rocky Horror is at midnight with a shadow cast. Seriously! Look one up near you (in Dallas, I recommend seeing Amber Does Dallas, my former cast. They are a total blast!) and drag a group of your friends to truly experience this classic.

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

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