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Sponsor Spotlight: February 2014

For your Saturday morning reading pleasure, I bring you... my lovely sponsors for the month! Grab a cup of something warm and get settled in, because I have lots of fun stuff for you to explore! (Or, if you are also participating in the SDCC badge sale mania, read snippets between frantically checking your waiting room status!)

Click the hand-picked links, explore the sites and shops, and read all about Valentine's Day traditions. I have a pretty diverse group this month, so surely there is something up your alley!

Gipsy Dharma

Gipsy Dharma

Gipsy Dharma makes incredibly unique, handmade clothing and footwear. From rainbow-colored, lace-up boots that feel like a second skin to fairy-like skirts, Gipsy Dharma's offerings remind me of the Renaissance Festival! Perfect for anyone seeking an adventure. Gipsy Dharma also has weekly, worldwide giveaways hosted on this page! Check it out for your chance to win a pair of these fantastic boots.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Mostly in the office, because sales go through the roof on Valentines :)
What's your favorite part about winter? Going somewhere warm for holiday.
What's your favorite candy? Cinnamon flavoured jelly beans.

Hey Nerds, My name is Cazz and I am a comic book reading, geek crafting, Hanson listening, coffee drinking nerd. My blog Nerd burger is a place for geeky girls and guys to find inspiration in what comics to read, geeky fashion and living life like a unicorn. I also have a YouTube channel where I show O.O.T.D, thrift hauls and comic book reviews. I can't wait to share my little part of the candy kingdom with you.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Every year the husband and I order pizza and watch a Troma or John Waters film. One of the first things we ever found we had in common was our obsession with B-grade films so it is always a great way to be romantic.
What's your favorite part about winter? An excuse to drink even more piping hot coffee than usual.
What's your favorite candy? I have a real sweet tooth (which has resulted in over 30 fillings) so it's really hard to pick just one, but I think at the moment it's Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate. I can consume an entire block in less than 5 minutes.

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Free Printable Nail Polish Valentines | Sweet Surprises, Spending, CRUNCH, & Juicing 

My So-Called Chaos is a lifestyle blog written by Miss Angie, a single-twenty something living in Salt Lake City Utah with her roommate, fish, snake, and a constant stream of friends coming and going. On My So-Called Chaos you'll find helpful blogging tips and tricks, giveaways, and posts about geeky stuff, parties, and dating woes. Angie is currently taking nominations for her Best of Blog Awards!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Usually hanging out with some other single friends, making home-made curry, and watching gory horror movies.
What's your favorite part of winter? I love when you're all cozy and curled up with a good book while the snow falls outside, though I'm very ready for Spring now!
What's your favorite candy? Hmmm... Probably Pink Starburst. :)

Harper Honey

Harper Honey

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On The Romione Controversy | Valentine's Day Looks 

When I was a kid, I genuinely believed I was an alien, the way that most kids believe that small people live in televisions to put on their shows. I developed this really advanced mythology as to where I came from and why I was put on Earth, and the result was that I grew up an oddball, but I also came out really well adjusted. I became mission-oriented believing I was literally put on Earth to learn and absorb everything I could so that at the end of my lifetime here I'd be able to put all the information into my planet's massive library-- I came from a planet that prized knowledge above all else. I also became really okay with being the odd one out, believing that fitting in wasn't something I needed to do, and whenever there was a point of convergence between me and my peers, I just believed it had to do with my alien heritage and brushed it off. Having grown up that way, I actually came out surprisingly well-adjusted. Now in college, that mission-oriented nature has manifested itself as my being very career and dream oriented. The willingness to be an outlier has led to my being very outspoken and geeky. The belief that I was alone on earth gave me a sense of purpose, and an awareness that the things I need to be happy are important, and that it's okay to put that above other requests on my time and heart. These are all things you'll get a glimpse of on my blog, Harper Honey. I talk about career, lifestyle, travel, food, geekery, and more.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If I'm dating someone, I'll usually try to do something cute with my significant other-- Think Amelie-style hijinks (my fave movie). For the past two Valentine's Days, I've been single, so usually I just treat myself to yummy food and a good love story. I completely refuse to watch romcoms on Valentine's Day because I really hate these shallow, one-sided "I finally found a person and we're presumably going to live happily ever after, good thing we're both hot" type stories because I'm not a passive viewer (I think most geeks aren't) and so instead of being an escape it becomes frustrating. Sometimes I'll be in the mood for it, but it's like a once a year itch I'll get. I like stories where love is challenged, because to me that's what love is about-- it's not about the beginning, it's about everything afterward. It's the difference between a love story and a romance. It's why I'll pick Juno over How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days every time. I also always call my mom, because it's her birthday!

Ellani Designs

Ellani Designs

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Removable Waterproof Vinyl Stickers | Harry Potter School Bag Tote

Ellani Designs is the brain child of a one-woman artsy-fartsy, internet enthusiast, and self proclaimed gamer/geek girl wonder - Tanith or as Tanibelle has her infamous online handle. Her shop currently provides cute and awesome functional totes along with geeky inspired art and typographic prints to liven drab and boring rooms, with more fun goodies coming soon. Also for the up and coming entrepreneurs, photographers, artists, and cosplayers etc. She provides on budget graphic design services such as logo designs and business cards.

How do you celebrate Valentines Day? As a teen it has always been Single-Awareness Day, but I usually spend it with my boyfriend with an epic delicious lunch, usually sushi, then we have an all night game session. It depends on the moods for what we play. Sometimes its whatever came out recently on the XBOX or PS3, but I'm a big fan of just hardcore level up session with my boyfriend...(Sitting in the same room mind you!) playing an MMORPG. Which currently is Maplestory right now (Don't judge me it's cute!) 
What's your favorite part about winter? My birthday! I am a January baby, but I was born and raised in Hawaii and I cannot stand these East Coast winters, they're sapping my soul!
What's your favorite candy? My absolute favorite is Li Hing Mui-anything. Gummy bears, Gummy worms...sweet and sour but amazing. I can't find any on the East Coast, it's a Hawaiian thing, but it's so good, trust me.

Squeaky Nails 

Squeaky Nails

Squeaky Nails was created in February 2013, to showcase nail art, swatches and reviews. As of January 1st 2014 all products featured on Squeaky Nails are cruelty free! I'm celebrating my first full year of blogging with an awesome international giveaway, where I've teamed up with some of my favourite (indie) nail polish brands!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? I don't celebrate Valentines day at all, really. I do really enjoy the valentines-themed nail art I've been seeing everywhere, though.
What's your favorite part about winter? I love everything about winter, I love wrapping myself up in (too many) layers, warming my hands with a hot coffee and walking through snow!
What's your favorite candy? I love vegan fruit-flavoured chewy candy! My current faves are the Veggie Percy fruit gums from Marks & Spencer <3

Thank you all for supporting xo Mia this month! If you'd like to come on board for next month, you can find more information here.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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