Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cosplay 101: Basic Makeup Guide (Part 2)

Cosplay 101: Basic Makeup Guide

Last week on Cosplay 101, I shared how to get a neutral, clean face as a base for your cosplay makeup. This week, it's on to the finishing touches - eyes and lips! 

If foundation and such are about creating a blank canvas, then eyes and lips are where your creativity can run wild! Here's where you can add colors and shape your look to suit the character you are dressed as. Personally, I find this to be the most fun part. My face routine is fairly standard, but I love experimenting with different eyeshadow techniques and lip colors.

Selfie as #RamonaFlowers - and circle lenses again today! They're so fun! #AustinComicCon
Eyebrows, eyeshadow, fake lashes, and eyeliner - check!

Exaggerated Eye Makeup

Ever notice how anime and cartoon characters have massive eyes? In these mediums, eyes are enlarged to convey emotion. I love finding ways to make my eyes look as big as possible, or at least have them take center stage!

The Basics

I start with eyeshadow. I prefer a  neutral eye look - the perfect "no makeup" makeup, and easiest for beginners - unless the character calls for something bolder. I prefer using eyeshadow palettes because they are usually less expensive and everything is conveniently together! Some palettes even have instructions for which colors to use where - it doesn't get easier than that. One thing I like to do is use a lighter color to highlight the inside corner of your eyes to make your eyes look bigger.

After that, eyeliner is the next step - I prefer an eyeliner pen because it's the easiest to use. Eyeliner can be used to change your eye shape to match your character. For most characters, I will do a small wing so it looks like my eyelashes are longer. Top it off with your favorite mascara.

My Recommendations:

Like I mentioned last time, I'd recommend becoming comfortable with the steps above before moving on to the steps below. That being said, each of these will bring a little something more to your overall look.

Eyeshadow primer is useful if you find your eyeshadow creasing throughout the day. It also helps the shadows stick to your eye and go on brighter and smoother. Filling in your eyebrows can take a little bit of practice, but can help you look more like your character. Eyebrows that aren't filled in can also look patchy or faint in photos. Fake eyelashes and circle lenses definitely take practice to apply properly, but are my favorite way to change my look for cosplay. My biggest tips are patience and lots of practice before the convention/photoshoot! (Also, if you mess up with eyelashes, sometimes adding more eyeliner will cover your mistakes.)

My Recommendations:

As with every part of makeup, the best "natural" looking lip color actually involves a lip product. Even with characters that don't seem to wear makeup, I recommend trying a neutral color to complete your look. If you have a little more freedom, definitely try a fun lip color!

There are a few tips I have to get the best wear. First, I like to start with a lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin. Next, apply lip balm as a layer to add a buffer between your lips and the color. Finally, top with your lip color of choice. This is highly dependent on what you like in a lip product - I am currently raving about OCC's lip tars, but you might prefer a lipstick, lip cream, or other product. Depending on the product, though, you may want to apply it with a lip brush to get the most precision.

There you go - that's everything a total beginner needs to know about makeup for cosplay! Like I've said, I'm still learning, but I've come a long way from where I started. I can't wait to see where I am a year from now.

What's your favorite way to do your eyes or lips for cosplay?


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