Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Female Geek Bloggers Con-at-Home: Conventions

Another day, another G+ hangout! I love getting to know my fellow geek girl bloggers through these events. This time around, the discussion focused on conventions, from small local cons to the big ones like SDCC or Dragon*Con. We talk about diversity at conventions, cosplay misadventures, and tips for fully enjoying your con. You can watch the chat in its entirety here:

Bloggers involved:
Amanda from Geekphoria
Megan from The Nerdy Girlie
Mariko from GamerWife
Katherine from 3 Chic Geeks
Jessa from Good to be a Geek

Keep an eye out for future FGB hangouts - they will be tweeted under the hashtag #FGBloggers! And don't forget to join the FGB G+ group if you're a female geek blogger, it's an awesome group!

What's your biggest tip for a first-time convention goer?

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