Monday, May 12, 2014

May Activities

May Activities

Clean out your closet. It's called spring cleaning for a reason! I'm planning on doing this soon myself, and selling, swapping, or donating my extra clothes. (Don't know where to begin? Read my guide about selling and swapping clothing online!)

Celebrate the accomplishments of someone you are close to. May covers both Mother's Day and graduation, so it's a good time for showing someone you are proud of them. Why not send someone a card just because?

Install Momentum, a browser app to help you focus. I love Momentum's minimalist layout and beautiful, breathtaking photos! I install lots of productivity apps, but this one might be my all-time favorite.

Buy yourself flowers. They brighten up a room instantly, and hey -- you're worth it!

Leave a Yelp review for your favorite local business. If you've ever used Yelp to decide where to get your hair cut or find a new restaurant, you know how crucial reviews can be! Show a little love for your favorite small business and leave them a glowing review.

Make a conscious effort to be spontaneous! As a meticulous planner and introvert, I sometimes turn down impromptu events that sound fun because I'm just not feeling it. Whenever I go, though, I find it's almost always the better choice. I want to bring that spontaneity into my daily life, and I encourage you to do the same!

What's your must-do for May?

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