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Style Icon: Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones

Style Icon: Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones

This post will avoid spoilers from season 4, but may mention some details from the first 3 seasons - you have been warned!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably know about my Game of Thrones obsession. I love all the different characters and storylines - the power struggles, the plotting and scheming! One of  my favorite aspects of Game of Thrones is the costume design. Each costume is incredibly detailed and tells a story about the character wearing it. 

One of my current favorite characters is Margaery Tyrell. Margaery is described in the books to be "as clever as she is pretty," and has a kind spirit. Of course, she still has her own agenda, too! She comes to King's Landing as an outsider from Highgarden, (where I would definitely want to live - a matriarchal society that is basically a giant garden? Yes, please!). She quickly assimilates and becomes well-loved by the people of Westoros. Her costumes are uniquely Margaery and represent her heritage and personality.

Style Icon: Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones

Margaery Tyrell's Signature Style

Rich Jacquard Fabrics and Light Blue

At first glance, Margaery's day-to-day dresses look the same, but there are subtle differences. Margaery's clothing is almost always a light, baby blue with a bodice made of an intricate damask design. Her dresses are made of rich fabrics like velvet and silks.

Deep V-Necks, Backless Dresses, and Cut-Outs

Another consistent feature in Margaery's clothing is the presence of skin. Margaery's style is decidedly more modern than her peers, with low v-necks and stylish cut-outs. To me, the drastic difference represents both where she came from (a different place with a different climate and social rules) as well as her tendency to put her arm around others when she speaks with them. I think Margaery uses touch to establish intimacy and trust when she speaks with others (though we will have to see how genuine it is!) For more about Margaery's "armor," this post is a wonderful read.

Rose Details

The sigil of House Tyrell is a golden rose, and sometimes Margaery is known as The Little Rose. Margaery has rose detailing in some of her outfits. I especially love her rose belt, complete with thorns.

Big Hair (Full of Secrets)

Margaery's long, curly brown hair is also one of the key elements to her style. She is usually seen with some or all of it pulled back. Like many other costume design choices in the series, the hairstyles worn by women represent where they are from and their character development. (For example, Sansa, from the north, begins wearing her hair in the southern style to blend in, and eventually wears it "like Lady Margaery.")

Margaery-Inspired Outfits

Since Margaery's style is so defined, it's easy to translate it into some wearable, modern looks.

Style Icon: Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones

This dress screams Margaery to me! Between the rose print detailing, low v-neck, and the perfect shade of blue, Margaery would definitely wear this in a modern-day Westoros. Paired with a rose chain belt to imitate Margaery's own, rose accessories, and delicate sandals, this dress is a perfect way to combine beauty and ambition. Add a lacy cardigan to throw on top in case your climate isn't as forgiving as the Highgarden.

Style Icon: Margaery Tyrell

I love this dress - the pattern is like the one Margaery wore in the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot, and the cut-out fits Margaery's style. This look is a little darker and a little dressier - perfect for going to a fancy event and plotting alliances. Pair it with gold accessories, sparkly glitter heels, and a bright pink lipstick. The earrings and rings both have tiny rose details, a subtle hint to House Tyrell. Wear your hair pulled up with cascading curls for the ultimate Margaery effect.

Which Game of Thrones character is your favorite?

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