Monday, June 23, 2014

ModCloth's Plus Size Anniversary + Body Positivity

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One of my core beliefs is body positivity - the idea that every kind of body (big, small, shapes of all kinds) is a good body. Our culture shifts from one ideal body type to another, but to me, any sort of ideal is dangerous. The message shouldn't be "real women have curves" or "strong is the new skinny" - the message should be that every type of body is real, and that everyone has the privilege to feel good about the body they are in. Being body positive is another way that I try to be inclusive and loving to everyone.

I was thrilled when ModCloth contacted me about the one year anniversary of their plus size collection. While it's probably already obvious that I'm a ModCloth fanatic, one of the reasons I love the site is that they carry a wide variety of sizes. Anyone and everyone should feel good about the clothes they wear!

I Ladylike It Like That

Out of ModCloth's extensive dress selection, there are so many good finds! I was given the I Ladylike It Like That dress to style, which comes in a large range of sizes (and hey, if you like it, it's on sale right now!). I would love to wear this dress to a Sunday brunch or to a coffee shop to write up some blog posts, so that was my inspiration for this outfit. I added on my favorite cardigan ever, the Charter School Cardigan, and matching pink sandals. For accessories, I chose a simple necklace to add some detail and quirky punctuation rings - perfect for writing.

How would you style this dress?

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